The Purpose of Canoe Trails

It is the purpose and goal of this program to teach each 
participant the skills necessary to actively participate in a true
 northern wilderness adventure. It has become our tradition that
 returning Voyageurs, young and old alike, conduct the training of
 the new Candidates. Who knows better than they what is expected 
and accepted. In this way, the Voyageur reinforces their skills
 in a true teaching environment. It is the responsibility of the
Candidate to learn, and of the Voyageur
to grow.

You will learn skills and traditional ways of a bygone era.
 To pass a skill on to another is the best way to keep that skill alive.

 Share with us the warmth of the campfire, the joy of voices
 raised in song and the lifelong friendships that can only be
 made when you learn to depend on others as they depend on you.