Listed below is a description for each article of clothing that should be considered before making a purchase. Beside each clothing item description is an Amazon link to a Male or Female option that you might consider. For a more complete list of purchase options please review the “Clothing & Equipment spreadsheet” available on the Resources/Forms/Training Materials tab.




Wool Jacket

  • Woolrich Mackinaw Buffalo Plaid Hunting Jacket without a lining is preferred but are no longer manufactured.
  • Please check our inventory of Red & Black wool jackets at the Barn.
  • Polar Fleece is an option to consider.
  • We are testing other options.

Wool Beret

  • Wool berets without a lining
  • Boys wear Red
  • Girls wear Green
  • Sample sizes available at The Barn
  • New members will receive 1 beret.

Wool Shirt

  • Thin wool, long sleeved, button up shirt.
  • Available at The Barn
  • Used for light weight protection against the sun or cold.
  • Used with jacket for maximum warmth.


  • The Canoe Trails t-shirts are 85% polyester, 15% cotton are comfortable and dry quickly.
  • You need 2 shirts. One to wear and one as a spare.
  • Available for purchase at The Barn.


  • Do NOT wear cotton.
  • Synthetic, comfortable, athletic.
  • You need 2 pair. One to wear and one as a spare.


  • Board Shorts, Jammers
  • 2-piece

Wool Pants

  • Lightweight material good for Canada and Tionesta.
  • Medium weight good for cooler weather.
  • Pockets are very useful.

Sturdy Belt

  • Used to hold up your pants.

Equipment Belt

  • Used to hold your knife and other gear.
  • Can be removed for better mobility or comfort while paddling.
  • Provides easy access to items that would otherwise be stored in the backpack.

Liner Socks

  • Synthetic material that wicks moisture from the foot.
  • Provides comfort against itchy wool socks.
  • May reduce blisters while hiking.

Wool Socks

  • Lightweight or medium weight depending on the size of your boot.
  • Lightweight socks tend to dry fastest.
  • You need 2 pair. One pair to wear and one pair as a spare.

Leather Boots

  • Available at Amazon , Boot Barn or
  • All leather with no insulation or padding to absorb water. Dries quickly.
  • Good ankle support and traction.
  • Does not have steel toe.

Neck Gaiter

  • Like a scarf when it is cold.
  • Protection from swarms of bugs.
  • Protection from sun.
  • Keeps face warm while sleeping.