Canoe Trails 2013 News
  • 31 December, 2013

    Happy New Year!!!

  • 09 December, 2013

    With Courier du Bois a memory for some, its time to look ahead and
    plan for 2014.

    The 2014 Canoe Trails holiday party AND business meeting is set for
    December 30th - 6:30PM at the Barn! Set some time aside and stop
    on by.

    Please bring a snack to share.

    We hope to see you!

  • 14 July, 2013

    While summer is just getting started, Canoe Trails is talking about
    hiking in the fall.

    That's right, Courier du Bois!

    > Initial CBD discussion on August 29th - 7PM @ the Barn
    > Training and gear preparation on September 19th - 7PM @ the Barn
    > Gear pack up on October 3rd - 7PM @ the Barn
    > CBD is on October 5th 7AM - 6th 4PM

  • 13 May, 2013

    It is with great sadness that the Canoe Trails Committee must announce
    the cancellation of the 2013 Canoe Trails training season. This is due to
    The lack of candidates. All events, including this weekends swim test,
    have been canceled at this time.

    The Canadian trip for 2013 is on the verge of being canceled due to the
    lack of commitment from current Voyageurs. If you are interested in
    going to Canada and have not stopped by the Barn, it is encouraged you
    talk with Mr. Martin immediately.