Canoe Trails 2009 News
  • 28 December, 2009

    Dates to remember for the upcoming winter campout:

    December 30th, 7PM - Gear Check
    January 7th, 7PM - Pack Up
    January 9th & 10th - Winter Campout

    Check out the needed gear here.

  • 01 December, 2009

    For most people, the camping gear has officially been packed
    away for the winter. Canoe Trails, however, just breaks out
    the heavy sleeping bags! Check out the CT Forum and see
    when the winter camping fun is going to take place! 

    If you want to have a general idea as to the gear you may
    need, check out the Snow Trails information sheet
    (pages 5-9 specifically). 

    This is one adventure you do not want to miss!

  • 11 November, 2009

    A big THANK YOU to all of the veterans who have served this
    great country we call the United States of America. Without
    you, freedom would not exist.

    For all the Voyageur's who went to Canada this year, be
    sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming reunion! 
    This event will be held at the barn on November 28th, from
    7pm-9pm. For those who want to see what was missed this year, 
    feel free to stop on by!

  • 15 September, 2009

    The CT Committee is proud to release the 2010 Canoe Trails
    ! Feel free to check it out and start making your
    plans now. If you think 2009 was an amazing year...just wait
    till 2010!!!

    If you cannot wait till 2010, then check out our upcoming events for 2009!

    -Progressive Voyageur Day
          Saturday, October 3rd, 1PM-9PM 
    -Pack-Up for Courier du Bois
          Thursday, October 8th, 6PM-9PM
    -Courier du Bois
          Sat-Sun, October 10th-11th, 6AM-4PM
    -Voyageur Reunion
          Saturday, November 28th, 7PM-9PM

  • 12 September, 2009

    As an update for upcoming events.

    CT will be having an evening of preparation for the Progressive
    Voyager Day on September 24 from 6pm-9pm. Meet at the
    barn and wear work clothes. 

    The Progressive Voyager Day is set for Saturday, October
    3rd 2009. For all those who will be assisting in making that
    day a success, please report to the barn at 7am! Bush
    clothes / boots are a must.

  • 3 September, 2009

    Due to a farm team football game taking place Thursday night
    September 10th (lets go Black N' Gold!), the meeting for
    preparing for the upcoming Progressive Voyageur Day has
    been moved to September 9th at 7:00PM. The day 
    BEFORE the original date. Mark your calendars because
    we need as many people as possible to help with this event!

  • 24 August, 2009

    Thanks to all who showed up for the CT workday. The
    barn certainty does look cleaner and perhaps more organized.

    For the next meeting, please mark your calendars for September
    10th at 7PM. We will be utilizing this evening for planning and
    preparing of the Progressive Voyageur Day coming up. 
    Plan to be there and don't forget your beret!

  • 21 August, 2009

    What a trip! We had good weather, great times, and amazing
    people on an adventure that will go down in history for some.
    A big thank you to all those that made this trip possible! 
    Without each of you, it would still be a dream.

    As a reminder for all. We have cleanup set for this Sunday at the
    barn. This will be a work day so dress accordingly and be
    prepared to work.

    Keep tabs on this page and the forums for the 2010 schedule
    as well as the dates/times for the Courier du Bois.

    CT is alive and moving forward full speed ahead!

  • 03 August, 2009

    It has arrived! The trip for those who have trained and worked
    hard over the past summer is 3 days away. Long days of honest
    work mixed with memories and sights never seen before.

    For those who have been reading the CT website and
    are not going, we wish you were. Make that commitment now
    and start showing up. We promise, the memories made will
    certainly last a lifetime.

  • 26 July, 2009

    Due to the lack of attendance yesterday, it has been decided
    to have this Thursday, July 30th, as a makeup/pack up evening. 
    Please view this as a meeting you must attend if you plan on
    going to Canada this year. Pack up starts at 7PM.

    Any questions, please email Mr.Z.

  • 22 July, 2009

    The Canoe Trails Committee is proud to release the Summer
    2009 News Letter online! All dues-paying members have
    received this by mail already. If you are interested in receiving
    this by mail and you are not currently an active CT member,
    please contact Mr.Z for information.

    Also! Do not forget about pack up this weekend! If you
    forget it Saturday, you will have to carry it until we make
    camp the first night in Canada.

    Keep an eye on the CT forums for continued updates,
    times, and events!!

  • 20 July, 2009

    As of today, all medical and release forms have been removed
    from the CT website. This is simply because Canada is that
    close and if you have not turned in these documents, then
    you are probably too late. Check with Mr. Z if you need any
    of the documents. 

    While perhaps a bit premature, next years medical, consent,
    and conduct forms will be posted some time in the fall after
    we return from Canada.

  • 11 July, 2009

    As a reminder!

    Work day is this Sunday, July 12th. Meet at the barn.

    Final Review and all monies must be paid this Thursday, July 16th. 

    FINAL pack-up is on July 25th, not the 26th. ALL gear, 
    including bush clothes
    must be brought to the barn on the 25th.
    This is an 8AM to 4PM event, so expect to be there at 8AM! 
    Depending on how many people show up and how hard we work,
    there is the possibility of leaving earlier than 4PM. 

    Make arrangements on your calendar now folks. Canada is close!

  • 3 July, 2009

    Is it almost that time again folks! Canada and the amazing outdoors
    is right around the corner for all those who have trained hard over
    the past few months. As a form of reminder / informational for all

    -  The dates for this years trip are August 7th - August 15th, 2009. 
    -  ALL paper work, copy of passport, and monies are due NO 
        LATER than July 12th or you cannot go this year. The requirement
        of a passport cannot be stressed enough due to new regulations 
        when reentering the United States..
    -  Pack-up participation is mandatory on July 12th, 16th, and 26th. 
        Please check the CT Forum for times and locations. 
    -  Anyone going to Canada must speak with Mr. Z by
        phone, email, or in person NO LATER than July 12th. 

    BE SURE to check the CT Forum often. This is where most
    communication will be taking place between now and when
    we leave for Canada.

    Have a SAFE and happy 4th of July yall.

  • 9 May, 2009

    Spring is in the air, school is about to end, the trees have leaves; 
    this can all mean only one thing! Canoe Trails is gearing up for our first
    weekend of fun on the water! All participants have completed their
    swim tests and physicals should have been scheduled if not 
    completed by now. If you have not completed these, you must 
    see Mr. Z right away. If you are not sure what is happening in the
    future, check out the CT Schedule.

    Are you ready to have some fun this year!?

    With all this talk about spring, we also would like to mention
    Snow Trails! We found a very cool article about Snow Trails and
    past requirements and wanted to pass it along. So, if you are 
    looking for something to read, why not check out the 
    NEW Snow Trails tab to the left?

    Lastly, the CT website has established a web page for all known
    digital documents, both new and old. This was all brought about
    in part because of a document that talked about the Canoe Trails
    program in 1987! If you would like to read this and other past
    articles, check out the Archives tab to the left.

  • 9 April, 2009

    The Canoe Trails Committee wants to thank those that helped
    during the Maple Syrup Festival. It was an awesome weekend and a
    lot of fun! Thank you for stepping up!

    Also! The Canoe Trails Committee is proud to release the Spring
    2009 News Letter! All dues-paying members will receive this
    by mail very soon. If you are interested in receiving this by mail
    and you are not currently an active CT member, please contact
    Mr.Z for information.

  • 31 March, 2009

    With spring in the air, the trees are starting to come to life. Of course,
    with all of this comes the Maple Syrup Festival held at Brady's Run! 
    If you are interested in helping Canoe Trails out during this event 
    or would just like further information, head to the CT forum and
    ask the questions!

    Hope to see you there this weekend!!!

  • 27 March, 2009

    As a reminder! ALL paperwork but the medical release forms are
    due on or before April 19th! There is no exceptions so please make sure
    to get all of these turned in as well as any remaining dues paid! 

    All medical forms are DUE by the 6th of June. Do not delay in getting
    this done and turned in folks! 

    NOW is the time to set your doctors appointment!

  • 25 March, 2009

    The Canoe Trails Committee is proud to announce the new CT Forum. This
    forum has been designed to allow interested, current, and past Canoe Trail
    members meet up, have some fun, and perhaps find a long lost friend. So,
    why not sign up and say hi!?!

    Please do not use your real name or list any information about your age, 
    location, gender, or any other personal data. For further information about
    the CT Forum and Canoe Trails policies, please review the
    Canoe Trails Privacy Policy web page.