The Legacy Continues...Pass it On!

Canoe Trails Rap Song by:
The 2009 Canoe Trails Candidate 

Out on the lake
Chasing the sunshine
Paddle in my hand
Canoe under my behind
First portage almost killed me
My match I'd met
Miss Carter said don't give up yet
A dip in the lake
Gunnel pumpin the canoe
It all felt good
No more moose muck in my shoes
Mr. Z and Mr. Martin
Two pretty funny leaders
They crack jokes
Faster then I can chop cedar
Our frog jumped into
The burning ring of fire
It when down down down
Maura's pants ripped higher
But we still love her
No one beats her canoe
Between her and jukebox
They know the words to every tune
Hit Ryan with a log
No foul no harm
And as far as injuries
Heck I got a bum arm
But don't worry about me
I'm as straight as a broom
I even wore my beret
In the X-ray room
So through all the portages
The blood sweat and tears
I got one thing to say....

I'll see you all next year