The Legacy Continues...Pass it On!

Another year of friendships, laughter, excitement, and adventure.

Bet you wish you came!

 Relax and relive the adventures had in Canada during the 2009 trip.
As a warning to all those who missed out, reading the trip log
 will bring about the desire to go in 2010.

Consider yourself warned! 

2009 saw Canoe Trails take only one group, but proved to be a 
very fun and interesting adventure. Lots of sun, exploration of
an unknown lake, and even a minor mishap towards the end of the week
 made this trip one that will be talked about for years. 

Curious to see what happened in Canada? Read the log below!

Also, thanks to the sole candidate and some of her spare time, 
Canoe Trails has a rap song. Well worth checking out!

                           For pictures of this trip, log on to the CT Forum and ask.

                           2009 Coed Trip Log
  (not available at this time)

Canoe Trails Rap: Wilderness Style