Building Fires Since 1947!

Bummed out that you did not get to participate this year?
 No problem!

 Kick back and live the adventure through the logs,
 a select few pictures, and perhaps even a story or two that
 describes the fun had by many throughout training up through
 the trip to Canada. 

This year, Canoe Trails took two groups at the same time.
 One group headed in the opposite direction as the other
 with the intention to meet at the furthest point north
 and cut down the middle of the map together.
Did these groups make it? Did severe weather change the plans? 
Did killer bees get the best of CT's princess?

 Find out by reading the trip logs below!

                           For pictures of this trip, log on to the CT Forum and ask.

                           2008 All Male Trip Log

                           2008 Coed Trip Log
  (not available at this time)